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X-CupPro for Fuji X-T10, X-T20, X-T30 and X-T100

As of now: the new X-Cup Pro is available!



It´s done! The new eyecup X-Cup Pro is processed by using the feedback of our customers and systematic further development.

Even if the first generation was already groundbreaking and successful the new genration will be the optimum. More stable and lighter and best fit to your eye. Above all the eyecup is prepared for a universal use.

If you should change your camera or you want to upgrade to another model it is not necessarily to buy a new eyecup. Also if you are using more than one camera you can change the eyecup amongst them. Everything is possible within the X-T family (X-T10, X-T20, X-T30 and X-T100). So you are not only safe money even more you participate in sustainability and care for environmental protection. Our target is – beside satisfied customers – to use as less as possible resources of the earth. There is too much waste and we want to avoid it!

One hint: only at the X-T100 there will be a construction-conditioned little gap at the hotshoe between camera housing and fixture of the eyecup. It no fault – it´s due to different dimensions of these model. The eyecup is fully functional without any limitation!

for more information and details please contact us, thanks!

Your Tekiac Team!