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X-Cover for Fuji X-E3

The Fuji X-E3 is relatively new and it´s hard to get a nice case. So we accept the challenge and created a cover in our popular full-body style, well-known for Leica Q users.

What do I noticed first when I take the camera with the new case? It´s the amazing and exceptional feeling of safety when you hold the camera in your hands. The original grip is really small even if my hands are small too. The improvement if you compare with and without cover will be extreme. Never thought that the difference will be so huge. It´s hard to believe and you will only understand it if you try it. Especially for street photographing it will be a big advantage.

As soon as you use telephoto lenses or other heavy objectives you will know what I mean – you lost the safe grip of compact cameras because the whole body is small, also the grip. But we prove that it´s possible to have a small body with a comfortable grip AND a beautiful look!

But there is one thing I have to tell about. Perhaps you have recognised it – where is the weel for front command dial? We have covered it! But is it a problem? Normally not because you can program all buttons and wheels like you want to and depending on the used objectives you will have the adjustment options at the lens.
So we dared it and we cannot see a problem but of course it will depends on your favorite kind of use.
Nevertheless this technical toppic the case has a superior look and protect the camera against scratches and it is superlight with only 35 gram. It has a velvet clothing as inlay so your camera is safe.


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