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Tekiac Lens Cap Pro for Leica Q series




Mission: protect your Summilux 1:1,7/28 mm ASPH




Today we introduce our new product: the Tekiac Lens Cap Pro made for Leica Q series (Type 116 and Q2).

Every user should know the problem: The original lens cap, which often does not hold properly on the lens cap. Either it gets lost or scratched because it fell.

We can offer a protection for your lens which is directly sticked and fixed at the lens hood.
It fulfill every task you need.

We were aware not to use aluminium because we want avoid scratches at the lens housing. Once more the technical plastic we use will damp impacts better. In the end it should be a stylish and affordable item.

If you compare the Tekiac Protection Hood with others you will see a lot advantages, f.e. that it is not only sticked on – it´s fixed too! We have a saftey clip so you cannot lose the cap. It´s just as you know it from common lenses but not so fiddly because we use bigger buttons and the hooks are snapping perfectly.

We have made and testet prototypes and now we are ready to start the production. From now on we are beginning with a pre-order campaign for the tools we need – and we will start the production if we reach the goal of 250 pre-orders. We will inform you here on this site about the number of pre-orders.

And as always and well-known you don´t have to pay in advance. And of course you will get a special price for your support.

The pre-order price of The Tekiac Lens Cap Pro is: 26,95 Euro  (plus shipping worldwide 5,50 Euro)


Unfortunately, the campaign was unsuccessful, Lens Cap Pro is not being produced … thanks to the pre-order.


Thank your for support, your Tekiac team!