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TekGrip PRO for Fuji X-T100

The X-T100 is still pretty new. I like that camera. It seems to be a little more compact than the other models like X-E3, X-T10/20. It´s only a smidgen but it´s always a ride on a razor blade to have a comfortable and safe feeling for the grip and not to have a large and bulky housing.
I tried it with a lot of lenses and the heavier they are the more raises the fear of dropping. In many cases I don´t use a strap. Perhaps it would reduce my anxiety. But let´s have a look what could be a second option: a very light and small grip, perfect integrated in the design of the camera!


Thanks to Fuji to have a thread for the original grip. So it is really easy to change it and use one which is even larger but not ugly and too big. It´s supported by the housing and so I have a really safe grip even without straps!
I am often photographing in queer positions with heavy prime lenses like Walimex 21mm/1,4 – Fuji 23mm/1,4 – Fuji 16mm/1,4 – Fuji 56mm/1,2 etc.
They are not only heavy, furthermore they are top-heavy. F.e. if you want to shoot an overhead pic in the crowd where everybody is bumping around and you have to stretch yourself… in that way straps won´t help if you lose your grip. Additional if you pivot the display you will have undefined forces and torques. No way to hold the camera with the original grip. So if you want to be safe the best you can do is to change it. And it´s really easy to mount it: just remove the orginal grip and take the Tekiac X-T100 Pro Equipment grip. You can fix it with the same screw. It only needs 1 minutes and it´s done!

This project was very successfull. But now we are going to put some new project into practice and so we have finished the production of these part!
Thanks to all of our customers. You are the ones who let us go on with our ideas. And we hope you will be lucky to be one of the owners of our equipment with a limited edition!

Your Tekiac Team!