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Eyecup for Fuji X-T100


Congratulation to Fuji X-T100
Now we have a new camera to regard – Fuji X-T100. First impressions are brilliant. Good camera at a good price-performance ratio! We are certain – there will be a lot of admirers for this model. Perhaps only as back-up camera but so what? And Tekiac is also ready to improve old manners of typical problems. Where is the eyecup?




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Products designed by Tekiac

Eyecup for Fujifilm X-T10, X-T20, X-T30


A lot of cheap cameras don´t have an optical viewfinder. There is only a display but whenever the sun is too bright and shines from the wrong direction you will have a Problem.

In X-T10/20 class of course there is an optical viewfinder, but what´s about a eyecup? I prefer phototgraphing with an eyecup. No annoying reflections and you can concentrate on the essentials – namely photographing. We were recherching on the internet but find no adequate product for our requirements.

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