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Eyecup for the new Fuji X-E3

The last holiday I took my new X-E3 with me. For sure, it´s a fantastic camera, but it needs not much time and I was disappointed because of the missing eyecup. I was photographing with a lot of sun and light around me. Best weather for great moments which I want to catch. Ok perhaps I am a fool because it´s not the first time and I am no beginner in photographing. But now I have verified that it´s not possible to shoot without an eyecup. I love to use manual lenses and focos peaking. Regardless of the peak colour you cannot see it anymore.
Always using one hand to cover the light… no way! More particularly if you are shooting manually because you need your hand to focus the lens. So one hand covers the light, the other one turn the focus… but my tongue is not long enough for the trigger!


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