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Leica CL Stealthcover

Imagine… you are holding your camera. You are waiting for hours for the perfect moment to shoot. Perhaps you only want to see a bird landing, feeding its offspring in the sunrise, but maybe you are a war correspondent and you are surrounded by bombs dropping next to you. Both are examples of our customers. And while you are waiting, you and your camera are always on standby. And then… just before the moment arrives – the low battery symbol lights up. 

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Charity, Inspiration

Fuji Rumors Charity Project

Did you notice that most charity projects starts during Advent season? But there are a lot of people who need help not only part-time! To be honestly compassionate and merciful is a behavior of ones personality. We like actions like the charity of FujiRumors because it´s not for those who only want to salve their consience. It´s from the heart! And so we want to support FujiRumors with the KNGO Cambodia Project!

We will donate 5 Euro to the FujiRumors Charity Project of every sold Fuji X-E3 cover. So if you want to have a really good product and help people at the same time then decide to use the Tekiac X-Cover! Take part of giving children a good future! Thank you!

For more information and details about ordering and charity project please contact us!

Your Tekiac Team!






Products designed by Tekiac

X-Cover for Fuji X-E3

The Fuji X-E3 is relatively new and it´s hard to get a nice case. So we accept the challenge and created a cover in our popular full-body style, well-known for Leica Q users.

What do I noticed first when I take the camera with the new case? It´s the amazing and exceptional feeling of safety when you hold the camera in your hands. The original grip is really small even if my hands are small too. The improvement if you compare with and without cover will be extreme. Never thought that the difference will be so huge. It´s hard to believe and you will only understand it if you try it. Especially for street photographing it will be a big advantage.

As soon as you use telephoto lenses or other heavy objectives you will know what I mean – you lost the safe grip of compact cameras because the whole body is small, also the grip. But we prove that it´s possible to have a small body with a comfortable grip AND a beautiful look!

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Products designed by Tekiac

Leica Q stealthcover with connection option

The cover for Leica Q is now tested more than a year. It accompanied me on every trip I did. I removed it only to check if there is any dirt between cover and camera. But it fits perfectly and tightly and so it avoids nearly all intrusions of any impurities.
One user asked about possibilties of connection to different systems. Of course there is the screw thread on bottom but a new idea was born – we want more than standards!

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Products designed by Tekiac

Leica Q and Q² stealthcoverFeatured

Hello folks, today’s blog is about an idea of another cover for the Leica Q. The first Leica I bought at all! And I was impressed immediately and test it a lot and took several photos. While using I noticed some things where I thought: „It’s good, but it gets even better!“ Thus the idea originated to design the perfect cover for the Leica Q.
=> Update Leica Q²: same features as Leica Q but with adjusted base plate for free accessibility of SD card and battery!

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