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Products designed by Tekiac

Dioptre Compensation Securing for Leica Q

Do you wear or need glasses?

So you will know about the problem with the dioptre compensation of your camera!
Just adjusted and it takes only a few seconds to nullify everything. What has happened? In most cases you only pocket the camera into the bag! It will suffice for an
unintentional adjustment! But now there is a solution to avoid that!

The Dioptre Compensation Securing by Tekiac!



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Products designed by Tekiac

Eyecup for Fujifilm X-T10, X-T20, X-T30


A lot of cheap cameras don´t have an optical viewfinder. There is only a display but whenever the sun is too bright and shines from the wrong direction you will have a Problem.

In X-T10/20 class of course there is an optical viewfinder, but what´s about a eyecup? I prefer phototgraphing with an eyecup. No annoying reflections and you can concentrate on the essentials – namely photographing. We were recherching on the internet but find no adequate product for our requirements.

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Products designed by Tekiac

Leica Q stealthcover with connection option

The cover for Leica Q is now tested more than a year. It accompanied me on every trip I did. I removed it only to check if there is any dirt between cover and camera. But it fits perfectly and tightly and so it avoids nearly all intrusions of any impurities.
One user asked about possibilties of connection to different systems. Of course there is the screw thread on bottom but a new idea was born – we want more than standards!

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