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Leica Q and Q² stealthcover

Hello folks, today’s blog is about an idea of another cover for the Leica Q. The first Leica I bought at all! And I was impressed immediately and test it a lot and took several photos. While using I noticed some things where I thought: „It’s good, but it gets even better!“ Thus the idea originated to design the perfect cover for the Leica Q.
=> Update Leica Q²: same features as Leica Q but with adjusted base plate for free accessibility of SD card and battery!

All those who photograph a lot will know the problem about the inevitable moment of an empty battery.

If you want to change it you have to dismount the handgrip. That bothered me! On the one hand because it takes time andpossibly the subject or the mood is already gone – and on the other hand sometimes you are not able to put down the dismantledparts. Who is not missing a third hand from time to time? For this reason I designed the battery chamber readily accessibly. The change is now possible within a few seconds without unscrewing the handgrip. (video sample).

I travel frequently and  I also attend to  „crises areas“. I want to keep a low profile especially because of the camera. Finally Leica is a a synonym for quality and I want to return with my equipment which I became fond of. This issue I include directly for the development. The camera should retain its straight style. Plain and beautiful should be the cover too. An ornamental dress reduced to the essentials. I am a proud Leica-owner but I want to hide purposely the logo because of the preceding reasons.

If you want to add colour it’s possible to get in several paints. Its effect is much better as total cover than as partly covers, especially with bright colours. That’s why not only the lower half is veiled. Despite of the eye-catching colour no one will assume a Leica. Understatement where it is appropriate.

By the way –  I think I don’t have to mention that the real purpose of a cover is fulfilled too: the protection against scratches etc. Furthermore the camera lies comfortable in your hand also during cold weather. I have a safe feeling because the grip is made until the upper edge. The temporary rattling of the original grip is eliminated too.

Rather randomly another advantage was created. Although the cover is really light (75g) the center of gravity moved to the body. Now you can place it without tilting on the lens hood. The cover is an absolute lightweight but it’s still rigid because of design and material.

Please note: the AF Light/Selftimer LED is covered!

Enough said:  have a look!

This project was very successfull. But now we are going to put some new project into practice and so we have finished the production of these part!
Thanks to all of our customers. You are the ones who let us go on with our ideas. And we hope you will be lucky to be one of the owners of our equipment with a limited edition!


  • Dioptre Compensation Securing for Leica Q

    The price includes postage and packening of 5,50 Euro. In case of rejection the price without postage and packening will be reimbursed. Costs of return are on your charge. Im Preis enthalten sind Porto und Verpackung in Höhe von 5,50 Euro. Bei Rücksendung wird der Preis ohne die Versandkosten zurückerstattet. Kosten für die Rücksendung trägt der Kunde.

Your Tekiac Team!