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Leica Q stealthcover with connection option

The cover for Leica Q is now tested more than a year. It accompanied me on every trip I did. I removed it only to check if there is any dirt between cover and camera. But it fits perfectly and tightly and so it avoids nearly all intrusions of any impurities.
One user asked about possibilties of connection to different systems. Of course there is the screw thread on bottom but a new idea was born – we want more than standards!

Well the idea was not really new for me because I thought about special features and connections too but now I saw that’s not only on my mind – there is the need in the market.
So it took not much time to create a integrated connection exemplary for the Arca Swiss System. I’s smoothly included on two orthogonal sides for use landscape and portrait.
I have tested it already in different situations and it works great. Additional tests and connection options will follow.

Well … go and watch it yourself!




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