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Leica CL Stealthcover

Imagine… you are holding your camera. You are waiting for hours for the perfect moment to shoot. Perhaps you only want to see a bird landing, feeding its offspring in the sunrise, but maybe you are a war correspondent and you are surrounded by bombs dropping next to you. Both are examples of our customers. And while you are waiting, you and your camera are always on standby. And then… just before the moment arrives – the low battery symbol lights up. 

Would you have the time and possibility to unscrew the grip, because it covers the battery chamber? Furthermore you are acting in the dark – do you have trained to use your camera blinded like a soldier is able to assemble his rifle?
Or you have to change your observation site, because it becomes too dangerous. You are running through ruins and bushes, the camera shaking and bumping on everything. Do you need protection for it or only a fancy half-cover?
Tell me your answer!

That´s why we transfered our technology of the Leica Q Stealthcover to the Leica CL. After the great and – in this vein – unexpected success of the Leica Q Stealth Cover we have got so many inquiries and desires of customers to design also such a cover for the Leica CL.

A lot of Q-owners also have a CL and they asked us to do this favour! The Q-Cover got so many fans all over the world and it is used in war zones just as well as in deserts or artic climates. Harshest conditions were not able to harm it. It´s a cover for daily use and it will be used daily as it was reported to us many times. We received so many emails of thanks that we really became speechless. Thank you all for this honor! Now we want to refund your praise in form of the Leica CL Stealthcover.

It´s similar to the Leica Q Stealthcover with the same advantages like accessibility of battery and SD-Card as well as the integrated grip and the weight! The base plate is only 1,35mm thicker than the original grip but so it was possible to insert the thread for the tripod! But even more than one thread we use two threads! The normal one and an additional, eccentrical one! Why we are doing this? Do you have tried to change the battery while using the tripod? If you want to make long-term continuous shootings you don´t want to change the position – and that means you cannot loose the camera with the plate from the tripod. Now you are able to do it!

This project was very successfull. But now we are going to put some new project into practice and so we have finished the production of these part!
Thanks to all of our customers. You are the ones who let us go on with our ideas. And we hope you will be lucky to be one of the owners of our equipment with a limited edition!

One last word:

To all our customers: Thank you so much! YOU are making us proud of our work!

Your Tekiac Team!