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Eyecup for Fujifilm X-T10, X-T20, X-T30


A lot of cheap cameras don´t have an optical viewfinder. There is only a display but whenever the sun is too bright and shines from the wrong direction you will have a Problem.

In X-T10/20 class of course there is an optical viewfinder, but what´s about a eyecup? I prefer phototgraphing with an eyecup. No annoying reflections and you can concentrate on the essentials – namely photographing. We were recherching on the internet but find no adequate product for our requirements.

Ergo – DIY (Do it yourself)!

What is the challenge? Lets have a look! How should be the fixture for the eyecup? Mind the diopter adjustment – there should be no unintentional adjustment.  And even more important  the fold mechanism for the display must not be affected of the eyecup.

This has not been a simple task!

The first draft was formed in an elliptical shape and it turned out to be good. It only needed the final touch and the first version of the eyecup was born.

Step by step we developed and optimized the eyecup. We compare it with other eyecups to get the best result.

We met a lot of people who looked curiously at our camera and asked where to get it and how nice it would be to fix an eyecup like it is used at the x-T2. Why not try to do it? And so a second version was born.

It´s only a matter of taste which one pleases more. Both are working perfectly.

Which one do you like more?

    The X-T2 version on the left


the normal one on the right?   

If you want to compare the versions what is to say about it? Both have the same soft rubber. We integrated a protection for the flash shoe. At the same time we use it as fixture. So the eyecup is easily to remove if you want to or have to.
We enlarge the distance to the display by using this nice gimmick. You don´t have to press your cheek or nose at the screen anymore. Some people even causes activities before by touching the screen with their nose.

You are able to rotate the normal eyecup if you remove it. Some people want to use that functionality for landscape or portrait or rather left or right eye. But it´s not made for turning it permanently. It has a tight fit so that it not turns unwanted, f.e. by pocket it. If you move it too often perhaps it will become worn!
A little introduction of the eyecups you will find here!


Now we have developed also a short version of the adapter, especially for spectacle wearers. So you are not too far away! The only disadvantage is that if you want to swivel the display then you have to pull first the display a little downwards to pass the rim of the eyecup. But it´s no problem!

For more information and details about ordering please contact us!

Please note!

At the moment we have ceased the production temporary because we focus on new projects.
But we will restart the production in a few weeks (approx. end of June) with new tools. We will produce only the short version in X-T2 style because it fits for everyone. So if you want one please come back to us or send us already now an email!

Your Tekiac Team!