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Eyecup for Fuji X-T100


Congratulation to Fuji X-T100
Now we have a new camera to regard – Fuji X-T100. First impressions are brilliant. Good camera at a good price-performance ratio! We are certain – there will be a lot of admirers for this model. Perhaps only as back-up camera but so what? And Tekiac is also ready to improve old manners of typical problems. Where is the eyecup?




Our satisfied clients which already use the Tekiac eyecup for their X-T10 and X-T20 (click here…) asked us to do a favour and design an eyecup for this new model.
And of course we do! We didn´t want to let you wait and so we have hurried to form an eyecup for the X-T100 to block the light! And here we are.
With this eyecup you will not have any restrictions. All good experiences gained in the past were integrated in this part. And it fits for everyone regardless whether you wear glasses or not.
The total accessibility of the pivoting display is complied, so you don´t have to remove the cup for the selfie mode or any other operation.
The well-known fixing via the hot shoe is used with protection of the pins. Furthermore we cover the dioptre adjustment. Once set there is no risk anymore for inadvertent changes. We have to mask the switch for the display view mode too, but if you should want to change the mode you only have to pull the eyecup a little forward. It´s really easy.


Technical information and advantages:

    • Fuji X-T2 Long Eyecup EC-XT L 
    • Best contrast for the display and especially focos peaking, also in bright light
    • Perfect block of light
    • No vignetting or shading
    • Usable with and without glasses
    • Full functionallity of eye sensor
    • No restriction of diplay pivoting
    • Protection for dioptre adjustment
    • Protection of hot shoe pins
    • Easy mounting and dismounting


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Your Tekiac Team!