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Dioptre Compensation Securing for Leica Q

Do you wear or need glasses?

So you will know about the problem with the dioptre compensation of your camera!
Just adjusted and it takes only a few seconds to nullify everything. What has happened? In most cases you only pocket the camera into the bag! It will suffice for an
unintentional adjustment! But now there is a solution to avoid that!

The Dioptre Compensation Securing by Tekiac!



Only a tiny and light clip that doesn´t disturb any other operation you do! Let it slide over the compensation wheel and you will be in peace for all time. Ok, if your eyes a getting worse (or better) you have to remove it for a new adjustment! But don´t forget to put it on again!

Video: How to install and remove it

This project was very successfull. But now we are going to put some new project into practice and so we have finished the production of these part!
Thanks to all of our customers. You are the ones who let us go on with our ideas. And we hope you will be lucky to be one of the owners of our equipment with a limited edition!

  • Dioptre Compensation Securing for Leica Q

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